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HclO to an you wonderfulpcoote of ComcrS1ono Radio.My nameis Emde from Vanuatuand as Isit hero Iwrite with tears n my eyes because of tns radio

Nawo Ethiopia

Hello Comer Stonoe Christian Radio. greetings from Ethiopia, I!Ike 10bless you and thankyou for this radio. Iti$ ables.sing to us here who have nosupportinthis fai

Praise to God

Great sis ..Iwas down but listen to this make feel much much better Praise be to God

Thank You

Good morning Belize! Thank you so much! If you like Country Gospel music then tune in daily at 7:30 am to 9:30 am

Thank You

Good day I am enjoying your music

lskaku Nigeria

Please pray for God wisdom to guide me to teach former buko haram terrorist fighters about Him. I enjoy this radio and the messages. Please


Melanie Bodden. Your posts are so inspirational to me and many others. My name is Stephen.

Thank You

I will I have already share with a few church sister .I am trying to keep as close I can with God each day So


Iam from A lexandria Egypt I listen often to you. I like the songs and preachings. My faith is muslim but I feel like something