HclO to an you wonderfulpcoote of ComcrS1ono Radio.My nameis Emde from Vanuatuand as Isit hero Iwrite with tears n my eyes because of tns radio my family and Iare now members of heseventh day Adven lst churd\. Iwaslooking for a Church kit a tong time bulnever know whichis th& true church Iwas ala friend’s house and she was listet*)g Kl a nicelntemel station.I liked the songs Iha.Iwas being played and aed hef” tor .,W3y tolislen. Iwenlhome 3nd stafled IOliSten and beklteIknOwit   became my favorite 1hing 10 listento. I love the songs and messages and I like the cntteo story. But mo&t of all 1lte hemessages about the true day for worship and why you should l’IOnor God by W0t1hipping him The more I liStenlhe more 1ieam and the moreIstart to tellmy l’amity.My mother startedlolisten with me and then my brothel and hiS wile. ‘°°’1 evet)’one nmy family SU.rte<! IO!is.ten ano cn.noe.we stop weje\\’elry .stop eating pork,stop farming on Saturday and just worshipwith the radio.we enjoy thelesson topics andlhe dMne hOUr. On Augusl 10, 2019,my mom. me.my brothei.his wife and my became membets ot the $DAChurch.we oon1inue to listen to the radio tdd usaboul JNos and His Sabbath.and we pray kw dad whodleln’Qtlle hb ltfe 10 God. Ijusl want to say thank you kw the wort this radiOIs doing. If I did notlisten.I wouldM\’er roundJesus. Last Sabbath was special because my dad gave hislife to the Lofd(May 2). Ido not have words to tel everybody at the  radio thank you, If it wasn’t tor this radio mywt’tde fMiily wou1cS be lost k>rever.My fami yis now complete and we now have the same hOpe 1hat Iuse to hear !he announcer on radio says.Ialways remember Wtief’l she says are you ready to see Jttu$? Icannow S3’r my fttmily i$ tv:1N rUAty Thank y0u rrom my he3rt Iwi$h Goel wat.*’ expand this radio klgo alloverlhe world to preachthe good news about Jesus. I iove you au ano someday 1know1 Wil meei a11Of you WhO saved my 1amtylfvet, God bless andc 1continue toliMen to l’&diO tN1 save my ure