Hello to all you wonderful people of CornerStone Radio. My name is Emele from Vanuatu and as I sit here I write with tears in my eyes because of this radio my family and I are now members of the seventh day Adventist church. I was looking for a church for a long time but never know which is the true church. I was at a friend’s house and she was listening to a nice internet station. I liked the songs that was being played and asked her for a way to listen. I went home and started to listen and before I know it became my favorite thing to listen to. I love the songs and messages and I like the children story. But most of all I like the messages about the true day for worship and why you should honor God by worshipping him. The more I listen the more I learn and the more I start to tell my family. My mother started to listen with me and then my brother and his wife. soon everyone in my family started to listen and change. We stop wearing jewelry, stop eating pork, stop farming on Saturday and just worship with the radio. We enjoy the lesson topics and the divine hour. On August 10, 2019, my mom, me, my brother, his wife and my nephew became members of the SDA Church. We continue to listen to the radio who told us about Jesus and His Sabbath, and we pray for dad who didn’t give his life to God. I just want to say thank you for the work this radio is doing. If I did not listen, I would never found Jesus.  Last Sabbath was special because my dad gave his life to the Lord (May 2). I do not have words to tell everybody at the radio thank you. If it wasn’t for this radio my whole family would be lost forever. My family is now complete and we now have the same hope that I use to hear the announcer on radio says. I always remember when she says are you ready to see Jesus? I can now say my family is now ready. Thank you from my heart. I wish God would expand this radio to go all over the world to preach the good news about Jesus. I love you all and someday I know I will meet all of you who saved my family lives. God bless and I continue to listen to radio that save my life.



May 9th, 2020