Hello Comer Stonoe Christian Radio. greetings from Ethiopia, I!Ike 10bless you and thankyou for this radio. Iti$ ables.sing to us here who have nosupportinthis fai h. greet Melanie from Journey through the Years Sunday night show· I like very much that show and Ptaying time W11h Sister Rosma and everyone at the radio there ineasl Los Angeles. My grandmother and grand father wcre the two wno became Christian from Muslim. After 17 members of my family became Christian from Muslim. It’s very hard changing to a Jesusfoltov.-er,bvt we are encourage every day when v.-e listen to Cornerstone Christian RadiO.wel$t6n to the radlO with other memberg andk>ve the songs, programs and messages. When we listen we feel happy because we know Jesus ls coming back soon. Thank you C0tnerS1one Chrf$l an ROOlo for being a blessing and our hope. Love everyone there.