“We LOVE because HE first LOVED us.” 1 John 4:19

Friends, The wonderful love of God for those that trust in Him is laid bare in this Text.
Let us not only reflect in deepest gratitude, our love for the Lord, Who willingly sacrificed His life to save us all, but let us also contemplate in reverent awe and hushed wonder His amazing grace, His eternal perfection, His gracious character, and the immeasurable excellencies of the God whose nature is pure Love.

Yes, indeed, “we love Him because He first LOVED us.”


Heavenly Father, when I think about the depth of Your Love for me, I am overwhelmed. Thank You for loving me endlessly. Help me to love like You. Plant the seeds of godly love in my heart. Use me as a vessel to show the world what true love is. I love you…in Jesus Precious name I pray..AMEN