“ASK, and it will be given to you; SEEK, and you shall find; KNOCK, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Let us pause for a second to consider this Bible text found in Matthew 7:7.  Jesus is imploring us to ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK. As Christians it is of utmost importance to have an active prayer life. It is the most powerful thing a Christian can do. Jesus reminded us to persevere when we talk to God about everything in our lives.

To persevere means to continue firmly on a particular course despite the difficulties. It’s not a passive approach of asking once and sitting back to wait for the Lord’s intervention. We must ask through prayer; then imply the action and effort of seeking and knocking in discerning God’s will and moving in that direction.

God is infinitely strong and can do all that he pleases.  He raises the eternal joy of his loved ones as high as it can be raised — when you pause to consider this, then the lavish invitations of this God to ask Him for good things, with the promise that he will give them, is unimaginably wonderful.

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