“Our Lord is above ALL gods.” Psalm 135:5

Friends, our God is Great! If we believe this, then we can survive whatever problems come our way. We don’t have to deal with them; we can turn them over to Him. Let us do whatever it takes to be right before God in every situation, and rest assured knowing that He’ll tend to all the details. He’ll meet the needs. He’ll give wisdom. He’ll provide finances and work opportunities. He’ll give strength. He’ll show us which way to go. He’ll open the right doors at the right time. Because He is great He can do all of these things, and we can rest in Him.

I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on this little verse. Read it over and over and let its truth sink in. This simple passage contains a world of hope, and believing it brings the blessing of peace. Remember, God is great and God is good!

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