“Is anything too hard for the Lord?…Genesis 18:14

Have you ever felt depressed, terrified, uneasy about the future? These unanswered questions and unfulfilled desires can lead us to doubt and mistrust God’s plan for our lives. And, we often find ourselves waiting for the next answer.

This verse comes in the midst of God’s promise to bring Abraham and Sarah a son even in their very old age, to the point where Sarah thought it laughable that God would give her a son in her old age. Both of them thought it impossible, but Genesis 18:14 says, is anything too hard for the Lord? It’s a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously no, nothing is too hard or impossiblevfor God.  God’s power is supreme.  He can supersede what we think is possible.

When we begin to doubt, we can ask ourselves: Is this day too hard for the Lord? Is this addiction too hard for the Lord? Is this decision too big for the Lord? Is this marriage too far gone for the Lord?

Though it is hard to see past our present circumstances, nothing is too hard for God. Even when things don’t go as we expect, we can trust that God still has a plan for our lives, and He is faithful to fulfill His promises.

What are you asking God for? What are you asking God to do that is impossible without Him? You’re asking God to see Him move in ways that make no sense.  I just want to encourage you to have renewed faith today that nothing is too hard for the Lord!


Heavenly Father give us faith as we pray for You to help us through our impossible circumstances. We praise you as the Lord for whom nothing is too hard and so we trust in You, the omnipotent God, who rules and reigns over everything. Show your power in fulfillment of your promises. Show your goodness for your glory in ways that increase our faith in your ability to do all things. In Jesus name, we pray.

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