“Pray without ceasing,” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Is it impossible to pray without quitting? You may think it is with all the distractions in our personal and professional lives. The world is loud and demanding; what time do we have to possibly carve out the time to spend a quiet moment alone, praying with God?

When the Apostle Paul commanded God’s people to pray without ceasing, he wasn’t envisioning us spending the entire day on our knees, head bowed, and in silence. Rather, because God is ever-present and always walking beside us, we can bring Him in, interacting with and acknowledge Him throughout our day. Whether we are driving, walking, at work, with our family and friends; God is always there, always available, and always wanting us to come to Him.

One thing that I have learnt in life is that it is extremely important to have a habit of bringing everything to God in prayer. Prayer should become a habit the same way all habits are formed: repeated and constantly attended, moment by moment, until that which is at first an act of will becomes spontaneous and second nature.

Friends, I encourage you to ponder on your lives, you shall find that God meets the things that you commit to Him in prayer with special blessing. He often allows the best things that we have not committed to Him to be ineffectual, simply to remind us of our dependence upon Him for everything. It is very gracious and thoughtful of God to compel us gently to remember Him. He would hold us so close to Himself that we cannot get away for a single minute from His all-sustaining arm.

As we pray more and invite Him into the big and small things of our day, we can trust that His Spirit is working and moving around us—carrying out His will for those who belong to Christ Jesus. What a timely reminder to “pray continually” as we enter a new week?

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